"This program helps people like me."
- Jan Doe

Welcome to Medically Indigent Assistance Program

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In Today's Medical World, We Are Here to Help

The M.I.A.P. (Medically Indigent Assistance Program) offers assistance to inpatient residents of the state needing hospitalization with zero or insufficient insurance. County govenments and general hospitals fund our program.

Program Requirements Due to the M.I.A.P.'s affiliation with county governments and general hospitals, our help's recipient's gross family income cannot exceed 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. Assets may not exceed a certian amount named by our program.

Calling All Mentors, Tutors and Volunteers

Mentor, Tutor and Volunteer Today's youth are impressionable. To protect them from the illegal activity of the streets, many of the PDCAP's affiliate programs call for Mentors, Tutors and Volunteers to help kids study and learn, to help kids become young adults, and to be their friends.

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Interested In Working for the PDCAP?

Interested In Working for the PDCAP? The PDCAP is interested in taking applications for all of its affiliated programs. To fulfill our strong Mission, we need strong personel that are willing to put forth the effort and care that it takes to touch the low-income families of this area. If this sounds like a job for you, please...

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