Pee Dee Communtiy Action Partnership Safety Councils

Friday, November 07, 2008

Each Safety Council has met and elected officers. The Chairperson will remain in office for one year and the Secretary will move to the Chairperson position. Officers elected are list ed below.

Thanks for your attendance during the October’s initial Safety Council meetings. Area councils are in process of appointing chairpersons for the sub-committees (Unsafe Acts/Hazards, Safe Driving, Follow-up and Fire Prevention.)

Florence #1                                              Marion #1                          
Chairperson - Margaret Nash                    Chairperson - Willie Windon  
Secretary - Gwendolyn Wingate                Secretary -     Cathy Butler 
Florence #2                                            Marion #2                       
Chairperson-Anita Reaves-Legette           Chairperson-Debra Hayes 
Secretary - Eleanora Hennigan                 Secretary - Lisa Johnson  


Florence #3                                            Mullins                            
Chairperson  Devins Nicholson                 Chairperson Vera Cirb      
Secretary - Angela Harrison                    Secretary -Doris Page     


Florence #4                                            Pamplico                                     
Chairperson ChonceyWingate                 Chairperson Darlene Graham    
Secretary - Angela Harrison                     Secretary -Sandretta McFadden    
Dillon                                                    Olanta
Chairperson Rashawn Aaron                   Chairperson  Joann McKnight 
Secretary Tonya Hardison                       Secretary Rebecca Higgins

Bus Drivers
Chairperson - Lisa Graham
Secretary - Valerie Lowery

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