Head Start: Whittaker Head Start Celebrates "Week of the Child"

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Thursday, May 03, 2007


During “The Week of the Young Child,” April 2-6, the Whittaker Head Start Center staff and children celebrated with several fun filled planned events. The staff at the Shitter Center, directed by Mrs. Sharron Charles, felt that the week of celebration should not only reward the children, but also their parents, grandparent, and the community. The weekly events were also a tribute to the upcoming holiday.

The events were as follows:
Monday, the 97 children that attend the Whittaker Center visited Pines Nursing Center in Dillon, S.C. Each child prepared a Holiday Basket to be distributed to the residents and staff at the Nursing Facility.

Tuesday, consisted of an Egg Hunt with the students and their grandparents. Trophies were given to the five grandparents (and children) that found the most eggs. All our grandparents were winners, but the top five were-Yvonne McKinnon with her four grandchildren found a total of 84 eggs; Janice Lydge with granddaughter found a total of 40 eggs; Lula Purnell with her granddaughter found 35 eggs; Geraldine Floyd and granddaughter found 28 eggs (tieing) with Pearl Peterson and her two grandsons finding 28 eggs; and Brenda Bethea and grandson found 25 eggs. Wednesday, the students had an opportunity to meet two soldiers from the local National Guard Unit (263rd Battalion). The students mailed warm wishes to our local troops serving in Iraq. These letters were taken by the two soldiers and will be mailed on behalf of the students. Thursday, the students and staff visited Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, S.C. 35 parents from various classrooms accompanied them.

Friday, the celebration came to an end with a Bunny Hopping Contest for Dad and Me. There were a total of 26 dads who participated. Once again all our Fathers were winners, but there were five top winners, who received trophies. 1st place winner was Daniel Manning with daughter Shantazia Gordon; 2nd place was Torrance Carmichael with A’Rianna Carmicihael; 3rd place was Clarence Palmer with son Zy’Miere Palmer, 4th place was Chris Bailey with daughter Jaden Bailey; and 5th place winners were Faustino Banuelos with daughter Gabrielle Banuelos. Special thanks to Anita Legette – PDCAP Head Start Area Supervisor for judging the contest. Mrs. Sharron Charles and the Whittaker Head Start Staff would like to thank the administration and staff at the Pine Nursing Center, The 263rd Battalion of the National Guard Armory the parents and grandparents and also all the community support personnel that make this week’s events a SUCCESS.

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