How You Can Help

The Pee Dee Community Action Partnership is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization. Being a non-profit organization means that we could not possibly succeed in our many goals without the assistance of the people in the community. If you wish to make a contribution, we would like to first thank you for your generousity, and then we would like to offer you several options that you can contribute through. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.

.01 Online Contributions

The Pee Dee CAP accepts online donations through its PayPal account.
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.02 Summer Camp Donations

The Pee Dee CAP hosts an annual summer camp for the Pee Dee's low-income families' children. There are many things that could benefit our summer camps.
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.03 Volunteer / Tutor / Mentor

Young people today are impressionable. They are influenced by the culture around them. It makes a world of difference for a child to have someone to look up to that is not in the criminal element that surrounds the low-income families of the Pee Dee. Please read more.
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.04 Employment Opportunities

If you feel that you have had a calling to come to the aid of the people in need in the Pee Dee, please read the information that we have provided for gaining employment with the Pee Dee CAP.
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.05 Clothing / Equipment Donations

Christmas is not the only time when giving clothing or equipment can help those in need. People everyday need a coat during the cold, or a pair of reading glasses.
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How We Serve

Transitional Shelter

Head Start As long as hunger and homelessness exists, there will be a Transistional Shelter provided by the Pee Dee CAP. Reverend Mack Hines oversees the program and applies his faith and knowledge of help and care to those who are most in need. Stay up to 6 months.

Read MoreRead More About the PDCAP's Transitional Shelter Program and Gain Access to its Home Page Read More