Mission Statement

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Reaching Out To Those In Need

The mission of Pee Dee Community Action Partnership is to develop and improve low-income communities and neighborhoods through economic and related development, with a primary function of developing projects and activities designed to enhance economic opportunities of the people we serve and to implement and advocate developmental and human services delivery programs for socially and economically disadvantaged elderly, children and families. Our program performance will be tracked with the use of the ROMA and other Federal and State mandated systems.

Strengthening Community Capabilities

The Pee Dee Community Action Partnership is a private, non-profit organization which serves low-income residents in the tri-counties of Florence, Marion and Dillon.

The major goals of the agency are to:
1. Strengthen community capabilities for planning and coordination to insure that available assistance related to the elimination of poverty can be more responsive to local needs and conditions.
2. Develop better organization of services related to the needs of the poor.
3. Maximize feasible participation of the poor in the development and implementation of all programs and projects designed to serve the poor.
4. Broaden the resource base of programs directed to the elimination of poverty so as to include all elmenets of the community able to influence the quality and quantity of services to the poor.
5. Increase new types of services and innovative approaches in attacking causes of poverty, so as to develop increasingly effective methods of employing available resources.
6. Maximize employment opportunities, including opportunities for further occupational training and career development, for residents of the area and members of the groups served.

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Medically Indigent Assistance Program

Head Start The mission of the MIAP is to provide impatient residents of the state needing hospitalization with zero or insufficient insurance financial help. With the support of county governments and general hospitals that proivde funding, the MIAP is there to help.

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