Who We Are

Thank you for showing interest in the Pee Dee Community Action Agency. We are dedicated to the people of the Pee Dee that are suffering from lower incomes. Feel free to find out more about our organization through the following links.

.01 What Is a CAP?

What exactly is a CAP? That question is thoroughly answered here. Find out about the history of CAP's across America.
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.02 Mission Statement

Find out our goals that we have designed to meet the needs of the community.
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.03 History and Future

Learn more about the history of the Pee Dee CAP. How it was established, who ran the organization, how successful the organization was. Also, see what the organization has planned for its future.
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.04 Board Members

Some of the best men and women in the Pee Dee area serve as board members for the Pee Dee CAP.
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.05 Staff

Our staff is capable of exceeding everyone's expectations. Inside you will find a listing of all of the Affiliated Program's Director as well as the staff that serves only the Pee Dee CAP's main office.
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.06 Media

Here you will find pictures, audio files and movie clips.
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.07 Newsroom

All of the news articles presented on these pages have been archived for easy access for you.
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.08 Contact Us

Do you need to ask us a question or comment on anything from our performance to us helping you? Feel free to access this information and use any of the methods provided to contact us.
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National CAP Website

Feat. Program

How We Serve

Weed & Seed

Head Start The Weed and Seed program's goal is to remove criminal activity from the community, while restoring institutions and opportunities by creating a Safe Haven for inner city kids. The Weed and Seed program offers several programs including a boxing program.

Read MoreRead More About the PDCAP's Weed & Seed Program on Their Homepage Read More