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"This partnership helps the people, people just like me."
- John Doe

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Head Start

Head Start Head Start was designed in 1965 to help break the cycle of poverty by providing children of low-income families with a comprehensive program to meet their emotional, physical, nutritional and psychological needs. The PDCAP Head Start currently serves 835 children in the Pee Dee Region.

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Human Services Program (CSBG)

Head Start The Pee Dee CAP offers several programs underneath the Human Services Program. These programs include Homeless Program, General Emergency Assistance, Housing and Support, and Liheap. Each of these programs reach out to help those that need it.

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Transitional Shelter

Head Start As long as hunger and homelessness exists, there will be a Transistional Shelter provided by the Pee Dee CAP. Reverend Mack Hines oversees the program and applies his faith and knowledge of help and care to those who are most in need. Stay up to 6 months.

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Community Action Redefined

"Reaching Out to Those In Need 'With Strategies That Work!'"

The Pee Dee Community Action Partnership is a nationally-affiliated, non-profit organization that reaches out to the low income residents of Florence, Marion, and Dillon Counties of South Carolina. Through several programs that are governed by the PDCAP, those residents have food and shelter in their time of crisis, the youth have a place to call home away from the crime and illegal activity of the streets, and those in need of hospitalization with zero or insufficient insurance can gain valuable assistance, just to name a few services.


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Calling All Mentors, Tutors and Volunteers

Head Start Today's youth are impressionable. To protect them from the illegal activity of the streets, many of the PDCAP's affiliate programs call for Mentors Tutors and Volunteers to help kids study and learn, to help kids become young adults, and to be their friends.

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Other Ways to Contribute

As with any other non-profit organization, we depend on the generousity of others to satisfy our mission statement. As stated above, there are many ways to contribute to the PDCAP.

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